The renegades family portrait.

We are an Auckland based up-beat acoustic covers band.
We don't need a drum kit or screaming electric guitars!!



(Pencil) keeps our rhythm on the cajun drum (box)



on the Gibson j200 acoustic guitar. (It sounds sweeeeet)



(Huckelberry Ray) on his customised Les Paul (black magic)
Ray also plays the Bass in a few songs as well. He's a man of many talents.



covers the vocals with the assistance of Mark Borg (Pencil) embellishing songs with his occasional banjo and angel like harmonies.
Jamie also adds to mix the foot borine, harmonica, mini keyboard and the shaker, not to forget his gretsch hollow body electromatic guitar, the black pearl.

We have been roaming the music scene in Auckland for a long long time. I won't divulge how long, that may reflect against our age! Lol
For booking enquiries you can email us through our contact page or message us through our Facebook page with your contact details and we'll be in touch.

We look forward to entertaining you soon.